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Ishavskraft Marathon – 2023

kr 1.500,0042 kmfrom 18 years13:00

The Ishavskraft Marathon will take runners to the remote outer coastline, where it is truly dark, for an adventurous marathon far from the ordinary.

NB! Be sure to register early to ensure the best price on your registration, see all prices here.

Please be aware that we introduced a cutt-off after 2 hours 25 minutes at 20 km. If you do not make it to that point within the given time you will have to finish your race.


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  • Additional requirements for Ishavskraft Marathon

    Due to the difficult conditions in which we execute the Ishavskraft Marathon, we are required to set a few additional requirements for participating in this event.
  • Gear requirements

    Participants are obliged to use a REFLECTIVE VEST and a HEADLAMP during the race, since half the race takes place in desolate areas without street lights. Participants are responsible for bringing these items. The organizers do not have these items for sale or loan.
  • Time requirements

    Due to the demanding conditions, all participants need to show proof of completing a marathon within a time limit of 4:00 hours, during the year of submitting or the year prior. For example; for the Ishavskraft Marathon 2023, participants must have completed a marathon sub 4:00 hours during 2022 or 2021.
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  • Max. file size: 150 MB.
    The confirmation may be a print or screenshot of the race results or a confirmation email from the race organizers. It must show your name, event name, race date and finishing time.
  • Subject to change

    The organizer claims the right to transfere participants to the Half-marathon distance if weather conditions dictate that we cannot safely go through with the marathon distance. In that case we are unable to refund the price difference.

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