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MSM Mini-Marathon – 2021

Price Distance Age Start
From 275 4,2 km Open for everyone cancelled

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the MSM Minimarathon and the children’s marathon due to government restrictions that only allow us to arrange with a certain number of participants. The other distances will be arranged with changed start times and racecourses. If you have questions, contact us via info@msm.no.

The MSM Minimarathon measures 4,2km and is perfect whether you feel the “need for speed” or if this is your first race! Here you will run alongside runners of all levels and age categories.

The Midnight Sun Marathon on 19th of June will be organized with regard to official governmental regulations and protection control measurements. This can lead to changes of start times and racecourses. Please also inform yourself about current regulations for travelling for your country and Norway before you sign up for the race. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions via info@msm.no.

If you are a member of Coop Norway you can get a discount on the starting fee. You can see the different member prices and sign up with your discount through the norwegian Coop-form HERE.


MSM Minimaraton voksen kr. 370 kr. 420 (fra 01.05) kr. 470 (fra 01.06)
MSM Minimaraton voksen medlem kr. 296 kr. 346 kr. 396
MSM Minimaraton u/16 år kr. 295 kr. 325 kr. 375
MSM Minimaraton u/16 år medlem kr. 236 kr. 260 kr. 300


Not available

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