Our purpose with the events

About MSM

The Midnight Sun Marathon Foundation (MSM) was established in 1989 and organized the first Midnight Sun Marathon in 1990. Since then, MSM has become an organization that organizes various sports and cultural events in Tromsø.

Behind the MSM Foundation stands Mack Ølbryggeri, lokal newspaper Mediehuset iTromsø, the TUIL Tromsdalen Friidrett, Sparebanken Nord-Norge, Troms Kraft as and Tromsø Municipality. MSM aims to plan and conduct sports- and culture events in Tromsø, thereby make Tromsø and The Arctic known worldwide. The foundation will also work to ensure that the event gives the greatest possible financial contribution to sports and humanitarian purposes.

The MSM Foundation organizes Polar Night Halfmarathon in January, Sami Week in February, Midnight Sun Marathon in June and Tromsø Mountain Challenge in August

We give back to the sport

The MSM Foundation wishes to help spread awareness for everyone, regardless of physical form, age and personal goals. In addition to organizing sports- and cultural events, our purpose is to contribute and provide financial support to sporting and humanitarian matters, as well as promoting Tromsø and our region as an attractive destination.

Every year, we give financial support for local sport clubs. Last year MSM paid over one million Nok to sports- and humanitarian purposes, including four sports grants for young sports talent from the country. Every year thousands of people take the trip to the “Paris of North” to run either the PolarNight race, the Midnight Sun Marathon or the Tromsø Mountain Challenge. For many, this is the first meeting with the Arctic and Northern Norway. Our skilled and attentive staff contribute to creating good and positive experiences for runners worldwide, and the runners greatly appreciate this contact with local volunteers.

The MSM crew

Three persons working fulltime for the MSM Foundation. Our manager is Nils Isaksen Hætta, Jan Schjetlein is responsible for timing, Magnus Kjeldsberg and Franziska Wentzlaff are hired as project coordinators. Together with all our dedicated volunteers from local sport clubs and organizations, we aim to create a high quality race experience for you in the heart of the Arctic!