Virutal Race Period

19th of May to 26th of July 2021

Midnight Sun Marathon – virtual edition

Registration will open soon.

The Arctic light and nature in Northern Norway are filled with strong contrasts that provide intense experiences. Tromsø, the home of the Midnight Sun Marathon, is situated at 69 degrees north, 350 km above the Arctic circle. During the winter the Polar Night encloses the city and the sun never rises above the horizon. During this time there are only a few hours of the characteristic blue daylight. During the summer, when the Polar day takes over, it is the contrary and the sun shines 24/7. The endless, bright days make you never want to sleep…..

For those that cannot join our races physically the coming year and for those that want to prepare for our races we offer a virtual running solution. How its done? Read below.

Register for one or several of our 4 distances
– Receive your personal Bib number via email
– Run wherever you want and between the 19th of May until the 26th of July 2021
– Upload your result to our platform
– Receive your participant diploma via email
– Get your medal in the post

You can choose between 4 distances:

MSM Mini-Marathon (4,2km)

Coop Mila (10km)

Mizuno Halfmarathon (21,1km)

Midnight Sun Marathon (42,2km)

Run wherever you are, and whenever you want!

Please note,

All runners are responsible for their own safety and will have to act in accordance with their local and national health authorities recommendations regarding COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no insurance included in the registration fee. The organizer assumes no liability whatsoever for participants’ accidents or physical injury or death.

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Kind regards,
Team Midnight Sun Marathon

Here you can find the results for the Virutal Midnight Sun Marathon 2020.


Information related to the race

Before the race

Can I change distances?

Yes, you can change distances by logging in to “My page”.

On raceday

Which apps and devices can I use?

You can use any kind of smart phone, smart watch, fitness watch or activity tracker which will serve as your personal “virtual timing chip”. Run with watch/ device that enables you to export a GPX/TCX file or you can use one of the following platforms: Strava, Endomondo, Polar, Garmin or Suunto.

After the race

Results from the virtual Midnight Sun Marathon

You find result lists here.

Do I receive a medal?

When you finish the race, you will get a medal and a virtual finisher diploma. The virtual finisher diploma will be sent to your email right after you registered your result.

The medal will be sent out in the beginning of August. Of course only after you registered a valid result. Your result has to be registered until July 29th, 2021 24:00 o’clock.

We do not send medals to participants that have not registered a valid time – like in a real race you only get what you work for. Please check and make sure you provided us with your correct postal address.

Please be aware of that due to covid-19 it might take a while before the medal gets to you, however if you have not received it within the end of September please contact us at

My time is not correct, what can I do/ I do not agree with my results.

Before questioning your result, please read the following information carefully. GPS/activity fitness devices are not a 100% accurate technology. If you disagree with your result, we advise you to evaluate this based on the race instructions and the general information stated in our guide. Further we do offer you the option to manually submit your time, that will overwrite your uploaded activity.

When you register your results, all race activity sessions are handled equally and analysed on a fair basis. All results calculations are based on the measured time and measured distance by your activity/fitness device. If you have raced longer than the race distance, we will calculate backwards to your accumulated race time at the point of completing the set race distance. If you have raced shorter than the race distance, we will calculate upwards on a fair basis based on your last pace, within a certain tolerance range. Therefore, it is important to note that we may process and evaluate your result different from your existing platform provider; both in time and in distance completed.

However, if you still have problems with your registered time send us an email to


Is my time published?

That depends. When you upload you result you can either decide to show your accomplished time or be listed as finisher of the race. If you want to be listed as a finisher you choose the “I have completed the distance and want to register my status” button on “My page”.

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