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4th January 2020

PolarNight Halfmarathon

Join an Arctic running experience in the Polar Night! Experience Norway’s largest winter race with approximately 2000 runners from all over the world. The PolarNight Halfmarathon takes place in the middle of the day, but at this time of year the sun never rises above the horizon. In the absence of the sun there will be darkness, occasionally interfered by the amazing display of colours that is so special for this time of year. Indeed, a trip to Tromsø to run the PolarNight Halfmarathon is also a great opportunity to hunt for the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis).

You can choose a distance after your level and ambitions: Halfmarathon, Mørketidsmila (10K) or SATS Mørketidstrim (5K).

Register for the PolarNight Halfmarathon 2020 by using the link below.  You can use Visa or MasterCard to pay the Entry Fee.

PolarNight Halfmarathon, 2020
SATS Mørketidstrimmen (5k), 2020
Mørketidsmila (10k), 2020

Information related to the race

Before the race

What are the course records for Polar Night Halfmarathon?

Polar Night Halfmarathon  – Men 01:10:13, Women 01:21:50
Mørketidsmila (10k) – Men 00:31:50, Women 00:37:57

Where do I collect my bib for Polar Night Halfmarathon?

On race day from 10-14:30 at City hall, Tromsø city center. NB! You need to present your start confirmation and ID when collecting your bib. The start confirmation is sent our to registered participants approximately two weeks before the race.

What are the age limits for Polar Night Halfmarathon?

We calculate your age and category by birth year, not birth date. This means that as long as you will be 18 in the year of the race, you can participate in the marathon distance, and so on. 

Polar Night Halfmarathon:    5k- no age limit//10k- from 12 y.o//halfmarathon- from 16 y.o

What is the entry fee for Polar Night Halfmarathon?

The prices for registration to our two biggest events will vary after when you sign up, and what distance you are running. The entry fee is cheaper the earlier you sign up, see price details below.

Polar Night Halfmarathon:

Distance Price before 30.06 From 1.07.2019 From 1.11.2019 From 1.12.2019 From 1.01.2020
SATS Mørketidstrim 5k  NOK             325,00  NOK      375,00  NOK       425,00  NOK       500,00  NOK       650,00
Mørketidsmila (10k)  NOK             475,00  NOK      525,00  NOK       575,00  NOK       650,00  NOK       750,00
Mørketidsmila (10k)    Coop-member  NOK             380,00  NOK      420,00  NOK       460,00  NOK       520,00  NOK      600,00
Polar Night Halfmarathon  NOK             575,00  NOK      625,00  NOK       675,00  NOK       725,00  NOK       850,00

Sign up for your Arctic adventure HERE.

I cannot participate myself, can I sell my startnumber to someone else?

No, the registration is personal and binding. By registering for the race you accept our terms & conditions, and we do not refund nor change names on fulfilled registrations. Runners who participate with someone else’s startnumber will be disqualified.

If you cannot participate due to injury/illness you can send us an email ( within a week after race day, together with a medical certificate from your doctor/physician stating that you are unable to attend. Then we will move your registration to next years’ race (NB! We charge a fee of 100,- NOK to move your registration, which also has to be paid within a week after race day).

What kind of weather can I expect?

We will leave it up to the weather Gods! You can check YR or Pent for an updated weather forecast.

How long is the registration open for Polar Night Halfmarathon?

There are limited places in the race and we close the online registration as soon as all places are sold out.



On raceday

Where will I find my race results after I finish the race?

We use EQtiming system. The results from the half marathon distance and the 10k will be ranked. The 5k runners will see their own time on the result list, but the results are not ranked. We will post a link to the results on our website directly after the race.

What is the cut-off time for Polar Night Halfmarathon?

Max time limit for the halfmarathon distance is 3 hours.

How are the courses marked at Polar Night Halfmarathon?

There will be a kilometer marker for every 5km along the course. For the last 5km every kilometer will be indicated. There are race marshalls at every larger crossroads along the course. If the weather allows it, there will be burning torches along the trail.

Where can I store my bag during Polar Night Halfmarathon?

Bag storage for runners is available at City Hall (Rådhuset) from 14:30 – 18:00. Please tag your bag with the tag from your bib number before handing it in. Please hand in your bag early to avoid queuing before start. Bags/clothes are delivered at your own risk. We do not accept larger items of luggage. Please do not leave bags, clothing or other items  in the starting area or elsewhere (besides designated bag storage), since such items are likely to disappear. The organizers can not be held accountable for any such loss.

Where can I find toilets at the Polar Night Halfmarathon?

Toilets are only available at the start- and finish area. No toilet facilities during the race.

Are there any drinking stations at the Polar Night Halfmarathon?

There will be drinking stations every 5 km of the race, and at the finish. Water and Maxim Sportdrink will be served at all the service stations.

What should I wear when running the Polar Night Halfmarathon?

The weather can vary quite a bit above the arctic circle in January. Anything from a few degrees plus to some minus degrees. The good thing is that running keeps you warm! We advise runners to layer up their clothing after the temperatures and weather. If it is windy or temperatures below zero we prefer these type of clothes for winter running:

Winter tights or windbreaker pants, thin woollen longjohns or thin woollen shorts, thin woollen socks, woollen shirt, windbreaker jacket, an extra thin vest if you get cold very easily, something to cover my neck, headband/hat, and thin woolen gloves. Every year there is a big discussion at city hall when the runners pick-up their bibs- shoes with spikes or no spikes? Some years only parts of the course are covered with ice or snow, making it extra difficult to decide.

As with everything else this comes down to your experience with running in these conditions and temperatures, as well as your own preferences when it comes to race clothing. Also, do a short test run on race day or the day before to try out the conditions. That might answer you questions both about clothes and shoes with or without spikes.

Are there any service stations during the race?

Polar Night Halfmarathon

There will be drinking stations every 5 km. Water and Maxim Sportdrink will be served at all the service stations. Toilets are only available at the starting- and finish area.


Midnight Sun Marathon

Water and Maxim Sport drinks at every 5 kilometres.  The last stations for marathon and half marathon will also offer gel and bananas. Toilets are available at the 5, 15, 25, and 35 km points in the race.


Tromsø Mountain Challenge

MSM Extremerace:
Drinking station when you arrive at the finish line at Fjellstasjonen.

TMU50km and HalfUltra 25km:
There are service stations by all the cabins along the trail, by the river Tromsdalselva and at Fjellheisen (cable car station). They serve water and Maxim sports drink. At Tromsdalselva and Fjellheisen they also have Coca Cola and bananas. Please leave your cup at the drinking station or bring it to the next servicepoint. Garbage must only be thrown in garbage bags at the service stations and NOT along the trail. There are many rivers along the trail where you can refill your water bottle. Apart from that you will have to bring your own food and drinks.

Tromsdalstinden 1238m opp:
There is a drinking station by Tromsdalselva (the river) and at the top of Salen, before you start on the last ridge towards the summit.  We require all runners to bring with them a bottle of water (minimum 0,5l) that has to be full when they cross the finish line. This is because there is no service station at the finish.

After the race

Where can I find the results from Polar Night Halfmarathon?

You can find all the results from Polar Night Halfmarathon HERE. Please remember to choose your distance on the top of the list to see the right results.

Where can I find pictures from Polar Night Halfmarathon?

We have a photographer working for us during Polar Night Halfmarathon, and these photos will be published on our Facebook-page a few days after the race.  Please note that we do not guarantee that we have a photo of each runner, as the photographer will take photos from both the course and at the finishline.

For Polar Night Halfmarathon 2019 our partners Marathon Photos will take finisher photos of all the participants at the finish line. After the race the participants will receive an email with an offer for their personal photo package.

Will I receive a medal for my race?

All finishers receive a medal at the finish line.

Prizes are awarded for the three fastest in each age category for Polar Night Halfmarathon.
For the 10km race the top three female and men runners will be awarded. For the 5km race there will be timing, but no results. All runners will get their time.

About Tromsø

Where should I stay during my visit in Tromsø?

Visit Tromsø lists most of the  hotels, Apartments, camping sites and other accomodation info HERE. Please note that even though almost all the hotels are located in the city centre, you should always check the location before booking. The hotels in the city centre are all within walking distance from the start- and finish-area of Midnight Sun Marathon, Polar Night Halfmarathon and the reindeer racing and lassothrowing during Samí Week.

How can I travel to Tromsø?

If you are travelling from outside Norway to Tromsø, you have to fly to Oslo and take a connecting flight to Tromsø. The flight time from Tromsø to Oslo is approximately 2 hours and there are several daily flights.

If you wish to travel by sea, the Coastal steamer Hurtigruten arrives in Tromsø daily, and travelling within the region you can board the express boats from Harstad and Finnsnes. There are also bus Connections from the surrounding cities, such as Narvik, Bardufoss and Alta. Se more info about travelling within Troms region at the regional traffic site, Tromskortet.

What should I do or see when visiting Tromsø?

Visit Tromsø has info on all activities, attractions, accomodation, restaurants/cafes and shopping. Visit their homepage HERE. You can also download their app, Tromsø Official City App, so you can access all the information while you are on the go!

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