Historic results

As we have used different types of timing systems throughout the years, and these are available in different format/files. Between 1990-2003 the results are only available as pdf files (not possible to search in these). From 2014 we started using EQ-timing which we still use today. EQ-timing gives you many possibilities when it comes to searching for results and applying filters.


Results MSM2003 (pdf)

Results MSM2002 (pdf)

Results MSM2001 (pdf)

Results MSM2000 (pdf)

Results MSM1999 (pdf)

Results MSM1998 (pdf)

Results MSM1997 (pdf)

Results MSM1996 (pdf)

Results MSM1995 (pdf)

Results Maraton1994 (pdf)

Results Halvmaraton1994 (pdf)

Results  Mila1994 (pdf) 10k


Results Maraton1993 (pdf)(pdf)

Results Halvmaraton1993 (pdf) (pdf)

Results Mila1993 (pdf)

Results Maraton1992 (pdf)

Results Halvmaraton1992 (pdf)

Results Mila1992 (pdf)10k

Results Maraton1991 (pdf)

Results Halvmaraton1991 (pdf)

Results   Mila1991 (pdf) 10k

Results  maraton1990 (pdf))

Results   halvmaraton1990 (pdf)

Results   mila1990 (pdf) 10k

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