Arctic SnowShoe Race

26th of March 2022

Arctic SnowShoe Race

In 2020, the Norwegina Athletics Association introduced snowshoeing as a new sports discipline in Norway. We challenge everyone that loves running and mountain hiking to try snowshoeing. It is a demanding and fun exercise that is getting more and more popular in Norway.

Experience Tromsø, Northern Norway and take part in the Arctic Snowshoe Race on 26th of March 2022.

We offer two distances, both for experienced and novice runners – 5,4Km and 9,6Km. The start and finish are at the Tromsø Ski Stadion. The course is guiding you over the island of Tromsø and introduces you to the arctic scenery and fantastic lanscape surrounding the city.

The Foundation Midnight Sun Marathon recommends that all participants inform themselves thoroughly about international travel restrictions connected to the covid-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine regulations of the countries you travel from, through and to.

Arctic Snowshoe Race 10K – 2022
Arctic Snowshoe Race 5K -2022

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