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23 March 2019

Arctic Snowshoe Race

Join The Arctic Snowshoe Race!

The Midnight Sun Marathon Foundation introduces a new winter run with snowshoes, called Arctic Snowshoe Race. In April 2018 we invited local runners to a test race with snowshoes, and it became a success.  23rd March 2019 we invite to the first edition of the Arctic Snowshoe Race.  We offer a distance of 7,4 km with mass start. The course follows the track in Tromsdalen, but 1/4 of the race will go off-track. Snowshoe running is a good form of training that is not so prevalent in Norway, but very popular in the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain and Austria.

The lower age limit is 12 Years. The race will be open to anyone with snowshoes. You choose whether you want to run or walk the course.

The online registraion is now open!

Arctic Snowshoe Race, 2019

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