Arctic SnowShoe Race

25th of March 2023

Arctic SnowShoe Race

We started the Arctic Snowshoe Race after the Norwegian Athletics Association introduced snowshoeing as a new sports discipline in Norway in 2020. We challenge everyone that loves running and mountain hiking to try Snowshoe racing. It is a demanding and fun exercise that is getting more and more popular in Norway. There is both a world championships and efforts are being made to include snowshoe running in the olympics.

Experience Northern Norway and Tromsø by taking part in the Arctic Snowshoe Race on 25th of March 2023. We offer two distances, 5km and 10km, meaning there is a snowshoe race for both for experienced and novice runners. The start and finish are at the Tromsø Ski Stadion. The course is guiding you over the island of Tromsø and introduces you to the Arctic scenery and fantastic lanscape surrounding the city.There is special snowshoes for running that are light, small and built for speed. If you are looking for these online you can often find them called Aerobic or Fitness. They are more closely related to the natural running stride, and not recommended for deep powder and backcountry conditions.

Arctic Snowshoe Race 10K – 2023
Arctic Snowshoe Race 5K -2023

Information related to the race

Before the race

Bib pickup & Info- ASSR

You can pick up your Bib on race day between 10:00 and 12:45 at the “Arrangørhuset” at the Tromsø Skistadion. Please take your confirmation email with your startnumber and an identity card with you.

The information will be open until 15:00o’clock.

Registration on race day

It will be possible to register on race day between 10:00 and 12:30 o’clock.

You can register online for the race until March 25th under the following link.

Snowshoe rental

If you do not have snowhoes you can rent them here. You can pick them up on raceday at the Information and Bib-pickup at the “Arrangørhuset” at the Tromsø Skistadion.

Getting to the start of the race

The race takes place at Tromsø Skistadion. Follow this link for finding the best route to the start of the race.

There are possibilties for parking close by, please make sure to pay for the correct parking zone.

From the city centre you can use the buses number 20 and 24 to get to Templarheimen (Tromsø Skistadion). For more information and departures visit the app Troms Fylkestraffik

On raceday

Marking of the course

The course will be marked with red flags, red band and volunteers pointing the way.


There are toilets available at the entrance of the “Tromsøhallen” .

Bag storage

Bag storage for runners is available at the “Arrangørhuset” from 10:00 until 15:00 o’clock. Bags/clothes are delivered at your own risk. We do not accept larger items of luggage. Please do not leave bags, clothing or other items in the starting area or elsewhere (besides designated bag storage), since such items can be thrown away. The organizers cannot be held accountable for any such loss.

Service stations

There will be service stations at approximately 4 km and 9 km during the race that offer water and maxim sportsdrink. There will also be a service station at the finish.


Showers & changing rooms

Unfortunately, we do not offer showers and changing rooms during the race and recommand everyone to get ready at home.


After the race

Pictures from the race

We have a photographer working for us during the race and these photos will be published on our Facebook-page a few days after the race.  Please note that we do not guarantee that we have a photo of each runner, as the photographer will take photos from both the course and at the finishline.

If come they will take photos of all runners at the finish line and these photos can be purchased direct from them

Prize giving ceremony & medals

Every participant that finishes the race receives a medal at the finish line.

The prize giving ceremony takes place on race day at ca 14:30 o’clock. We award the three best men & woman for the 10 km distance. There is timing for the the 5km distance but no age categories and ranking.

About Tromsø

Where should I stay during my visit in Tromsø?

Visit Tromsø lists most of the  hotels, Apartments, camping sites and other accomodation info HERE. Please note that even though almost all the hotels are located in the city centre, you should always check the location before booking. The hotels in the city centre are all within walking distance from the start- and finish-area of Midnight Sun Marathon, Polar Night Halfmarathon and the reindeer racing and lassothrowing during Samí Week.

We have a partnership with Thon Hotel & Scandic Hotel, please contact us on for information about prices & how to book

How can I travel around Tromsø and the city center?

At  Troms Fylkestrafikk you will find info about tickets and bus routes in Tromsø. You can buy single tickets, tickets for 24hours, 7 days or 30 days within a specific area.

How can I travel to Tromsø?

If you are travelling from outside Norway to Tromsø, you have to fly to Oslo and take a connecting flight to Tromsø. The flight time from Tromsø to Oslo is approximately 2 hours and there are several daily flights.

If you wish to travel by sea, the Coastal steamer Hurtigruten arrives in Tromsø daily, and travelling within the region you can board the express boats from Harstad and Finnsnes. There are also bus Connections from the surrounding cities, such as Narvik, Bardufoss and Alta. Se more info about travelling within Troms region at the regional traffic site, Tromskortet.

Best Arctic offer the following trips to Tromsø by bus;
Arctic Route from Rovaniemi
Arctic Route from Narvik

What should I do or see when visiting Tromsø?

We have a partnership with Best Arctic. You can find & book a selection of activities with them here: Best Arctic

Visit Tromsø has info on all activities, attractions, accomodation, restaurants/cafes and shopping. Visit their homepage HERE. You can also download their app, Tromsø Official City App, so you can access all the information while you are on the go!

How far is it from the airport to the city center?

Tromsø is a small island, measuring ca 10km from north to south. The airport (Langnes) is located at the island itself, and with the airport Shuttlebus or taxi, it takes 10-15min to get to the city centre (some more during rush hour) . The airport Shuttlebus also stops outside most of the city hotels. Ask the driver and he will tell you which stop to get off at. All the city hotels are located in the city centre within walking distance from each other. You can book the Aiport Express bus here and use the code MSM2023.

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