June 19th 2021

Midnight Sun Marathon

42km | 21km | 10km | 4,2km | 0,8km

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PolarNight Halfmarathon Collection 2021

The Polarnight Halfmarathon Collection 2021 has arrived and is now available for online purchase until December 18th. You can choose from a variety of products which can be picked up during the race weekend on January 9th. Please be aware that this is a limited production and sizes can only be switched when available. It is not possible to return bought products.

Be aware that due to covid-19 products cannot be bought during the race weekend.

Book about the Midnigth Sun Marathon – the perfect christamsgift

“The Midnight Sun Marathon is the symbol of ability, endurance and the joy of being able to move forward on two legs, feeling the blood circulating in your body, the lactic acid making your muscles ache and contributing to the gloom taking over as your strength is about to disappear. But replaced by joy, new optimism and energy as you cross the finish line and feel lucky and happy, not least because you have completed the race. All in beautiful night light, interspersed with the Midnight Sun. Or in the winter darkness with the Northern Lights dancing in the sky during the Polar Night Half Marathon.”






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