June 20th 2020

Midnight Sun Marathon

42km | 21km | 10km | 4,2km | 0,8km

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PolarNight Halfmarathon Collection 2020

The PolarNight Halfmarathon Collection 2020 is now ready. You can choose from a variety of products which can be picked up during the race weekend on January 4th. Please be aware that this is a limited production and sizes can only be switched when available. It is not possible to return bought products. The products will be available for online purchase until December 10th.

Be aware that products can also be bought during the race weekend if in storage.

For more information about this years Collection follow the link.

PolarNight Dinner 2020

After finishing the PolarNight Halfmarathon you can join us for the PolarNight dinner at Scandic Ishavshotellet. Meet runners from all over the world, while you serve yourself from the varied bufett. The doors are open after the Prize Ceremony from 20:00, and we serve food until 22:30.  We also have glutenfree and vegetarian options.

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“Arctic festival in light and darkness” from Jonny Hansen

The past 30 years are filled with special moments and people. Therefore, we publish “Arctic festival in light and darkness” a book that captured some of the special stories and milestones for Midnight Sun Marathon during the past years. The book is available for online purchase.

For more informasjon follow the link.

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